Janitorial and Contract Cleaning Services

Contract Cleaning Services

Reliable Cleaning Services has been providing janitorial services for over 50 years. Facilities placed in our care include office buildings, health care facilities, educational institutions such as colleges and schools, industrial plants, mines, airports as well as many other types of facilities.

Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning Services

Reliable Cleaning Services is proud to be able to offer you a complete Green Cleaning Program. Our mission is to provide a high-quality, healthy indoor environment in buildings for employees, and other occupants through the use of effective, environmentally responsible, certified green products and processes. We accomplish our mission through the following process:

  1. Using our green cleaning standard operating procedures manual
  2. Using green certified chemicals and supplies
  3. Maintaining equipment logs
  4. Training in following our SOP manual.

Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning Services

Window Cleaning Services is our longest established cleaning service within our organization. As chartered members of the International Window Cleaning Association, our crews are kept up to date on the latest equipment, safety products and government legislation affecting our industry. We clean all building types from Residential homes to Commercial buildings to High-Rises.

Specialty and Emergency Cleaning Services

Special & Emergency Clean Up Services

Our special services group also handles all types of clean-ups, from construction first cleans to 24 hour service disaster clean ups. Reliable special services have proven capabilities in the most soiled and difficult applications. Other services offered include light fixture relamping, painting, minor repairs, light construction and yard work.

Mold Inspection

Mold Inspection Services

Reliable personnel have been fully certified to provide mold inspections and analysis for homes and businesses. Our trained personnel will come to your location and remove samples for analysis. From the analysis, we can determine the necessary steps for mold remediation.

Hood and Vent Cleaning

Hood and Vent Cleaning Service

Reliable Cleaning provides hood and vent cleaning primarily out of our Sudbury, Ontario. We have the experience to properly clean grease exhaust systems. Our service technicians are trained in the latest grease removal and hood cleaning techniques. We will clean the entire system from the rooftop units to the cooking surfaces.

Other Services

Other Services

Reliable also provides the following additional services:

  • Siding, soffit and fascia cleaning
  • Awning cleaning
  • Sign cleaning
  • Exterior building maintenance